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Our Philosophy

The social impact sector is still in need of a track record of successful investments. We strongly believe that serious and genuine collaboration efforts among the entire spectrum of investors can accelerate the sector’s growth and success rate. A stable and growing list of successful case studies is a catalyst for mobilizing investment capital in this relatively new asset class.

We have identified quite a few venture and growth stage companies in the social impact sector with very similar objectives, strategies and business models. If so many players share the same social impact objectives and also wish to achieve both a social impact and a financial return, we believe that collaboration among these like-minded players is likely to result in higher success rates.

Grace Impact believes the social impact sector can gain significant depth and growth through:

  • Closer collaboration with investors of all classes and entrepreneurs sharing very similar objectives, strategies and business models within their respective sectors
  • Focus on duplicating business models that have proved successful – growth, sustainability and large social impact
  • Financing larger social impact companies with layered structures (blended capital) to achieve greater social impact