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Our Vision

We are very committed and work to:

  • Empower marginalized and disenfranchised communities and improve society at-large
  • Support humanitarian initiatives and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide funding (grants, loans, or direct equity investment) and hands-on support for the following initiatives:

  • Healthcare projects, especially those that focus on capacity building and out-reach
  • Job creation and job training companies
  • Empowerment workshops and seminars
  • Clean water
  • Clean energy

Our mission is dedicated to catalyzing transformative social change and positive environmental impact in Africa, Europe and North America. We seek to attract investors and partners who are philanthropic at heart but seek capital preservation (payback of capital invested) and/or payback of capital plus a small return (up to 8% per annum).

We aim to accelerate investment and the success rate of sustainable and scalable large social impact solutions. We recognize the need to establish a track record of successful case studies incorporating layered structures (blended capital) among participating investors.

We promote collaboration among not-for-profit organizations and foundations, impact investment funds, family offices and high net worth individuals, as well as businesses and governments to reinforce everyone’s commitment to improving society.

Our Values

  • Treat all people with respect and dignity
  • Value honesty and fairness
  • Embrace openness, transparency and teamwork
  • Work and live with passion
  • Demand excellence