Grace Impact’s grant to SolarWave Uganda Limited will be used to help pay salaries and wages as well as social security and taxes for all current employees in good standing as well as the security guards working at the Kampala based company.

“We are focused on the health and safety of employees, families and the communities during this global pandemic.  We fully empathize with SolarWave’s employees during the Covid-19 crisis and wish to help them and their families during this critical time, “ commented  Dinese Hannewald, CEO & Founder of Grace Impact gGmbH.  Since 2015, we have supported SolarWave Uganda Limited with two Good Water Projects; one in Uganda in 2017 and one in Tanzania in 2015.  Grace Impact looks forward to working with SolarWave Uganda again in future.

Solarwave Uganda thanks Grace Impact for their support during these hard times. The support from Grace Impact means that we can continue to focus on our hard work, enabling clean water for everyone with our of grid solutions. We are truly thankful.” – Said Abdu, CEO of Solarwave Uganda

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