Every great change begins with one dedicated person

In 2014, Dinese Hannewald founded the non-profit company Grace Impact to support and promote projects and companies that wish to make the world a better place.
Grace Impact invests in three core areas as defined by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”):
“Clean water and Sanitation” (6)
“Health and Welfare” (3)
“Quality Education” (4)

Our regional focus: Africa, Europe and North America.

In order to qualify for a grant, a loan or an equity investment by Grace Impact, the project must fulfil three conditions:
Firstly – the product/service aims to be accessible to all people. Secondly – the product/service is affordable for the local population. And thirdly, the project/company has a business model that will eventually reach sustainability. Grace Impact offers a lot more than money. In addition to providing grants, sponsorships, loans and equity investments, Grace Impact supports projects/companies with consulting and hand-ons management tasks by offering these important in-house skills. We actively supervise and monitor our projects and companies and keep our partners and supporters informed.

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11th November 2020, Munich – Construction of a Community Sanitation Facility with financial support by Grace Impact together with Amref Health Africa
– Amref Health Africa, with its partnership with Grace Impact, is finalizing the construction of a community sanitation facility with the necessary conditions of healthiness, hygiene and safety that will provide basic toilet and hand washing points, to hundreds of people living in sub-city.

Women and children, the most vulnerable of the population, will be able to benefit the most of such basic hygiene service. A big thank you for Grace Impact for bringing lasting health changes in our communities!

Read the full news in the press release.

July 2020 – Iris Hannewald joins Grace Impact as new co-CEO – I am over-joyed and honored to have Iris join the Grace Impact Team. With Iris’ commitment and dedication, I have a local friend and family member here in Munich to brainstorm with as we explore the next development phase at Grace Impact. Iris and I became friends years before I married her brother, my beloved husband Jens, and this symbolizes the true depth and sincerity of our long-term friendship.

Iris brings not only her hands-on experience and expertise with architecture and construction but also her passion to support and help others who are less fortunate. Together with board members Darlene and Peter, we plan to explore community and school building projects to be implemented on site using local building materials and employing local workers. Our aim is to contribute and exchange technology, know-how and ideas on improving schools and housing that is both environmentally friendly yet affordable for the local population.

Welcome to the team, Iris! A big hug and love, Dinese

1 July 2020, Munich – Grace Impact is dedicated to improving people’s lives, especially those who have been marginalized in society, building healthier communities, and creating long-term sustainable change. Toward a model of change, we recognize, acknowledge, and stand firm that Black lives matter.

Grace Impact’s vision is a world where marginalized and disenfranchised communities across the globe improve and thrive. We understand that for communities to be sustainable, they must have the infrastructure and resources to survive and be empowered to regenerate health, wellness, and economic empowerment. We center disenfranchised communities by focusing on connecting them to resources that support long term health and wellness. They can live in a society that is just, inclusive, anti-racist, and acknowledges their humanity.

Please see press release.

June 2020 – Men and Traditions Against Aids (MTAA”) held its first set of workshops this year at their new resource center. As you can see in the photo below, MTAA has fully complied with the 1.5 meter social distancing requirements. Held at their newly built resource center, two workshops were held concurrently and a total of 35 participants attended the sessions.

These critical workshops are carried out by MTAA to its members who include adolescents with their respective caregivers, young couples, widows, HIV discordant couples and old men. They are essential since they help MTAA closely monitor all participants to improve their drug adherence and academic performance.

27st April 2020 – Grace Impact made its third grant to MTAA in March 2020 to finance the installation of a solar water system for MTAA’s new resource center. The grant will allow MTAA, an NGO based in Shianda, Kenya, to acquire a 5,000 liter tank, a complete water pump with accessories and a water tower to hold the tank.

As a next step, MTAA will also build a water kiosk to help them generate revenue and income from the neighboring community. Grace Impact hopes to support MTAA with this new sustainable project during 2020.

Please see press release.

21st May 2020 – Grace Impact’s grant to SolarWave Uganda Limited will be used to help pay salaries and wages as well as social security and taxes for all current employees in good standing as well as the security guards working at the Kampala based company.

“We are focused on the health and safety of employees, families and the communities during this global pandemic.  We fully empathize with SolarWave’s employees during the Covid-19 crisis and wish to help them and their families during this critical time, “ commented  Dinese Hannewald, CEO & Founder of Grace Impact gGmbH.  Since 2015, we have supported SolarWave Uganda Limited with two Good Water Projects; one in Uganda in 2017 and one in Tanzania in 2015.  Grace Impact looks forward to working with SolarWave Uganda again in future.

Solarwave Uganda thanks Grace Impact for their support during these hard times. The support from Grace Impact means that we can continue to focus on our hard work, enabling clean water for everyone with our of grid solutions. We are truly thankful.” – Said Abdu, CEO of Solarwave Uganda

Please see press release.

Grace Impact gGmbH provides grant to SolarWave Uganda Limited to support operations during Covid-19 Pandemic

18 May 2020 – Grace Impact’s grant to SolarWave Uganda Limited will be used to help pay salaries and wages as well as social security and taxes for all current employees in good standing as well as the security guards working at the Kampala based company.

“We can fully empathize with SolarWave’s employees during the Covid-19 crisis and wish to help them and their families during this critical time, “ said Dinese Hannewald, CEO & Founder of Grace Impact gGmbH. Since 2015, we have supported SolarWave Uganda Limited with two Good Water Projects; one in Uganda in 2017 and one in Tanzania in 2015. Grace Impact looks forward to working with SolarWave Uganda’s new owners, IBEXTOR, in the future.

April 2020 – In March 2020, Grace Impact has made a second donation to IFA to support its education and empowerment project in Oromia National Regional State of West Arsi Zone in the Dodola District. Based in Frankfurt, IFA’s mission is to create and to promote community centered development activities at the grassroot level towards socio-economic improvement. IFA’s primarily supports children and poor women living in the rural areas of Ethiopia. The grant will be used to assess and select 30 poor orphan girls and to provide them with primary school books, pens, supplementary books and school uniforms.
(Please see press release. )

February 2020 – During the Sankalp Africa Summit in Nairobi during the end of February 2020, Grace Impact met with Mrs. Gertrude Lwanga, one of the founders of Men and Traditions Against Aids (“MTAA”) and Ms. Teresa Owino, Project Manager, to review their new strategy for 2020. During this meeting, Grace Impact decided to make a third grant donation to support their very important work. (Please see press release. )

December 2019 – The program ArrivalAid Job & Careers and Plant-a-Talent gGmbH have shared a common goal for a long time: Support refugees, migrants and immigrants with their entry into the German job market. True to the motto, “Together we are stronger”, both non-profit organizations have decided during the last quarter of 2019 to combine forces to affect an even larger and more comprehensive impact for all of our clients/candidates.
(For more information, please read press release)

WASH Project Together with Amref Health Africa Ethiopia

11 December 2019 – Grace Impact has donated funds to build a community latrine in Akaki Kality sub-city. A WASH committee will also be established to train community members on hygiene and community latrine management; this will contribute to the sustainability of the project. “Amref Health Africa is proud to partner with Grace Impact on this project; through such projects, Amref Health Africa will continue its engagement with communities to bring lasting health changes in Ethiopia” – Misrak Makonnen, Country Director of Amref Health Africa
(Full press release)

Support of the Flying Kites School Network

In October 2019, Grace Impact made a grant in support of the Flying Kites School Network, a cohort of resource-poor public primary schools in the South Kinangop District of rural Kenya. Through this network, Flying Kites is providing programs and services to more than 3,500 students at these impoverished schools.
(Full press release)

Donation to the Waithaka Community Library (AMREF/Fying Doctors)

In July 2019, Grace Impact made a generous donation to the Waithaka Community Library (AMREF/Fying Doctors) based in Dagoretti County (Nairobi). The grant will be used to purchase five laptops, a photo copying machine, and also pay for the Wi-Fi connection installation. Most importantly, the grant will pay the salaries of the professional librarian and an intern librarian for the time period August 2019 through December 2019. Grace Impact would like to thank Dr. med. Ronald Beyer of Munich, Germany for his very generous donation to Grace Impact and for making this first step in supporting the Waithaka Library a reality.
(Full press release)

“Life’s most persistent and urgent questions is,
“What are you doing for others?”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Dinese G. Hannewald

Iris Hannewald

Peter R. Dahlen

Darlene R. Currie

Let’s work together!

Dedication and commitment for a better world

Grace Impact works to improve lives of people, especially those who have been marginalized in society.

With Grace Impact, Dinese Hannewald uses her long-standing experience in evaluating, financing, managing and monitoring companies. She works to catalyze collaborations within the social impact and philanthropic sectors for a positive sustainable change in society.

Grace Impact is looking for partners who want to invest their money with heart, compassion and reason. Together we can create positive social and environmental changes. Together we can accelerate projects’ growth with scalable solutions. Together via meaningful and professional collaborations, we can avoid useless duplication and create a greater more successful and sustainable social impact.

Support projects, companies and NGOs, both for-profit and non-profit, that focus on solutions targeting the United Nations’ “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs).

Contribute to empowering marginalized and disenfranchised communities throughout the world and improve society-at-large.

Support successful business models that can be easily duplicated with layered capital, thereby accelerating growth, sustainability and a large social impact.

Every individual contribution counts.

But only together CAN we achieve more.

Grace Impact understands that the majority of SDGs cannot be cannot be solved by governments, private enterprises or charitable organizations alone. Rather, all of these groups need to work together in concert to achieve a sustainable success.

Grace Impact makes an important contribution to the philanthropic and social impact sectors with an aim to establish peaceful, healthier initiatives with complementary parties contributing know-how, patience, courage, and personal commitment. Please join us!

“If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.”

African proverb


Our goal is to position our projects to succeed.

The social impact sector needs far more success stories. In order to mobilize an entire range of investors, ongoing projects and initiatives that show continuous growth and stability are required.
Grace Impact’s objective, along with others, is to reduce investment risk exposure within the social impact sector. For this reason, we prefer to support and work with companies that are in the development and growth phases, rather than brand new start ups. We emphasize the importance of establishing partnerships and cooperations to accelerate growth and sustainability. By working together to solve the same common objective, we have a far greater chance to ensure a positive social impact and a financial return.

We offer financial and hands-on support

We provide:

  • grants
  • loans
  • direct equity investments

Grace Impact remains informed on the company’s or project’s development and ensures that its milestones are on track. We are an active participant in all of our projects either as a member of management, board member or advisor.

Our Agenda for Sustainable Social Impact Investments

The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. These 17 SDGs were adopted in 2015 to be reached in 2030. Grace Impact focuses its support and investment on the following SDGs:
“Clean Water and Sanitation (6)”
“Good Health and Wellbeing” (3)
“Quality Education” (4)

Our regional focus: Africa, Europe and North America.

Oxfam Deutschland e.V., Germany2018-10-27T19:34:24+02:00
AMREF Health Africa – Flying Doctors Germany e.V.2018-10-29T17:04:49+01:00
Grace Impact’s Partnership with Flying Kites2019-10-30T12:49:11+01:00
St. Martin Mulago Primary School, Uganda2021-06-02T05:46:58+02:00
SOS Children’s Village in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania2021-06-02T05:47:18+02:00
Men and Traditions Against AIDS (MTAA), Kenya2021-06-02T05:47:26+02:00

Do you have a good idea, a company or a contact
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