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Philanthropic Activities

In 2016, Grace Impact made donations totaling approximately € 11,000 – collected from Dinese Hannewald personally as well as from family and friends – to both AMREF Health Africa / Flying Doctors and Social Impact Recruiting UG.

AMREF Health Africa Deutschland e.V. / Flying Doctors

AMREF (African Medical & Research Foundation) Health Africa is the largest African-based non-profit that delivers heath services to over 30 countries in Africa. Founded in 1957 as Flying Doctors of East Africa and staffed by doctors who flew light aircraft to bring emergency health care to remote areas, AMREF is now focused on training healthcare workers at all levels and strengthening community systems.

AMREF builds the capacity of local and national health systems using evidence-based and closely monitored models to address infectious diseases like HIV, TB and Ebola, maternal and child health, water and sanitation, non-communicable diseases, surgical needs, and health worker training gaps.

AMREF uses African solutions to tackle critical African health challenges with African expertise. Over 90% of AMREF’s staff working on the ground is African.

For more information on AMREF (German website with link to US website), please click here.

Social Impact Recruiting UG (SIR)

SIR is a not-for-profit job training and job recruitment agency for refugees in Germany. SIR seeks to bridge the gap between motivated and qualified candidates and companies seeking new talent and diversity. It has been proven that diversity in the workforce results in important and long-term benefits for companies and communities. Via a structured CSR program that includes a mentor program specifically designed for refugees, SIR ensures that the challenges and advantages of cultural diversity in a company are properly addressed and sustainable.

SIR’s vision is to contribute to the creation of a world where refugees and migrants are welcomed and smoothly integrated into society and the local workforce, where diversity and cultural exchanged are valued.


March 2017 – Grace Impact became a 50% shareholder in Social Impact Recruiting (SIR). Together with Jin-Ju Jahns, the founder and also a 50% shareholder of SIR, the company’s plans for growth and its ability to achieve sustainability are on target. For more information on this transaction, please read the press release here.

Social Impact Investments

November 2016 – Grace Impact became a shareholder in SolarWave AB, a for-profit social impact company based in Gävle, Sweden. Founded in 2009, SolarWave AB develops, sells, and operates high quality equipment for the purification of drinking water (both disinfection and desalination systems) and for the production of solar power. The company’s mission is to save lives, to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases via dirty drinking water, and to provide for healthier and happier livelihoods for less privileged people around the world.

SolarWave’s vision is to become a leading supplier of safe drinking water solutions for emergency relief organizations, for-profit and not-for-profit companies and for less privileged people living in developing countries.