I am over-joyed and honored to have Iris join the Grace Impact Team. With Iris’ commitment and dedication, I have a local friend and family member here in Munich to brainstorm with as we explore the next development phase at Grace Impact. Iris and I became friends years before I married her brother, my beloved husband Jens, and this symbolizes the true depth and sincerity of our long-term friendship.

Iris brings not only her hands-on experience and expertise with architecture and construction but also her passion to support and help others who are less fortunate. Together with board members Darlene and Peter, we plan to explore community and school building projects to be implemented on site using local building materials and employing local workers. Our aim is to contribute and exchange technology, know-how and ideas on improving schools and housing that is both environmentally friendly yet affordable for the local population.

Welcome to the team, Iris! A big hug and love, Dinese