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Project Description

Supporting Entrepreneurship in Poor Countries

In 2018, Grace Impact joined the “Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs” network. The initiative was founded by Oxfam for small and middle-sized enterprises and helps women and men in poor countries establish their own business.
Oxfam International is a confederation of 13 like-minded organizations working together and with partners and allies around the world to bring about lasting change. It works directly with communities and seeks to influence the powerful to ensure that poor people can improve their lives with having a say in decisions that affect them. The principal belief is that people should have a respect for human rights and that will help alleviate poverty.

By investing in small local businesses, the owners have a chance to escape poverty and live a dignified, independent life. They can support their family, send their children to school, pay for medicine and medical care. Grace Impact supports this initiative as a member of Oxfam’s “Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs” program in Germany.

The facts speak for themselves:

There are presently no new statistics to publicize at this time. (October 2018).

Are you working on a similar or complementary project?

Access to “Clean Water and Sanitation” is a very important SDG for Grace Impact. We specifically seek collaborations with companies or initiatives that focus on scalable clean water and sanitation solutions, especially on solutions that can be easily duplicated in many countries and markets. Technology is not the top priority for Grace Impact, but rather how to distribute and connect to people in rural areas who lack access to clean water and proper sanitation. We would like to cooperate with you and/or invest in or lend to your company. Please write to Dinese or call:

Do you have jobs or job training opportunities for refugees or migrants?

Our equity investment in the non-profit Plant-a-Talent gGmbH offers job preparation workshops and supports refugees and immigrants with finding employment in Munich. In order to prepare and place even more people in jobs, Plant-a-Talent is looking for interested and committed employers in Munich. The company also seeks volunteers who can support their mentoring and basic computer literacy programs. Would you or your company like to support Plant-a-Talent? Please write to Dinese or call:

+49 172 831-1542