Project Description

Grace Impact’s Partnership with Flying Kites

Press Release: 6th October, 2019 – Munich, Germany

In 2019, Grace Impact made a grant in support of the Flying Kites School Network, a cohort of resource-poor public primary schools in the South Kinangop District of rural Kenya. Through this network, Flying Kites is providing programs and services to more than 3,500 students at these impoverished schools. These vital and important services include access to water and sanitation services, school nutrition programs, uniforms, and learning resources.
Programs include the Flying Kites Teacher Training Institute, initiatives to promote sexual reproductive health and combat gender-based violence.

Grace Impact is very pleased to enter into this new partnership with Flying Kites and the schools in their Network. The students served by Flying Kites come from families living at or below the national poverty line who struggle to provide their children with the basic necessities. Together, Grace Impact and Flying Kites have the opportunity to make a significant positive impact in their lives through this collaborative effort.

About Flying Kites

Flying Kites is transforming primary education in rural Kenya. By partnering with local educators, government leaders, and non-profit implementers, Flying Kites is building the capacity of locally-led Kenyan schools through coordinated interventions that improve student outcomes and inspire learners with the tools to thrive and contribute to their communities as self-sufficient productive citizens.

Founded in the US in 2007, Flying Kites believes that education is a path out of poverty and envisions a future where prosperity, gender equality, and economic sustainability are attained – even in the most vulnerable communities – through access to quality education delivered by skilled and engaging teachers, in schools that provide for the safety and wellness of each child.